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18 Years of style, quality and service.

Granny Smith Shop opened its doors 27 years ago and since then it was always our absolute priority to showcase and deliver the very best in style, quality and at the same ensuring the best service possible to our clients.

Our clients recognise us among the market leaders and understand the value of the extra effort we provide to give them that edge when it comes to love of design, prestige and tasteful living

About Granny Smith

We started our business selling candles, gifts and loose handmade pine furniture. Over the past 20 years we added solid mahogany wood furniture, bespoke furniture, wrought iron beds, upholstered hydraulic storage beds and eclectic home accessories to our list of products. Country and classical have been the main styles of Granny Smith furniture but nowadays we are passionate about contemporary design and modern living. We know this through the feedback we receive from our enthusiastic clients particularly those who have availed of our Bespoke service.

Through our commitment to detail and sourcing the right products, we have forged partnerships and relationships with many top classical and contemporary brands that share great synergy with Granny Smith’s ethos and ideals. Our attention to delivering exactly what the client requires and on time is our main priority.


We enjoy being at the top of our game and we are continually shaping our future. The pace of change is relentless… but we thrive by change. Hence, why we’re proud to launch this e-commerce website which will enable you to browse and buy our products from the comfort of your home.

Granny Smith/Edward Smith (Vat No. MT1162-5506)